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2022 14 Worlds Flensburg Germany                                      July 25th to August 5th.








About 14‘s

The International 14 is at the leading edge of the sailing world. This high performance, racing dinghy is where it is today because it has managed to effectively balance development and performance against fleet growth at the national and international levels. Throughout its long and esteemed history, the I14 has stayed at the forefront of design and technology, without forgetting why it exists – great sailboat racing!

Perth worlds 2020

Upcoming Regatta’s

  • 29/01/22 Grand Prix Heat 2 BRYC 2:00pm
  • 12/02/22 Grand Prix Heat 3 RGYC 2:00pm
  • 26-27/02/22 Hot Tub Series SYC 12:00pm
  • 05/03/22 Grand Prix Heat 4 McCYC 2:30pm
  • 27/03/22 Grand Prix Heat 5 SYC 2:00pm
  • 30/04/22 Grand Prix Heat 6 BRYC 1:00pm

12-14/03/22 i14 and Javelin State Championships RYCV

15-18/04/22 National Championships RQYS Brisbane

Flensburg, Germany

July 25th – August 5th 2022

Sailing Since 1897

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